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Team Unbreakable Coach Profile: Rein Tammemagi of YMCA Academy

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Help us change a student’s life this holiday season

Every once in a while we receive a note or phone call that reminds us of why we started CameronHelps. […]



Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth. Only motor vehicle accidents kill more. Suicide is preventable – 90 percent stem from treatable mental illness. Mental illness is among the most poorly funded and resourced areas of health care. CameronHelps aims to prevent youth suicide through awareness, reducing stigma and its Team Unbreakable programs.

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Modeled after the teen therapy run program at Trillium Health Partners, Team Unbreakable uses running to engage youth, educating them about better mental health and providing them with the skills and tools to better cope with stress”. We promote physical health for mental health. We want youth to feel “Unbreakable.”

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  • Team Unbreakable in our schools is a great opportunity to enlighten our students, staff and families about the importance of mental health. The focus of education now is increasingly not just on student achievement but on their well-being.

    Teresa Wilson, Mental Health Lead, Halton District School Board

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